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The Feed Me Darling Liberation Front




Here are *some* of the benefits:

>>>Monthly group call (every 3rd Wednesday 5:00pm pst/8:00pm est) – 60 min

>>>>Group Coaching call (every 1st Wednesday 5:00pm pst/8:00pm est) – 60 min

—> calls are recorded and distributed to all members


Upcoming Call Schedule 2017-2018:


Anger – March 15

Freedom – April 19

Mindfulness – May 17

Service – June 21

Justice – July 19

Forgiveness – August 16

Consistency – September 20

Suffering – October 18

Nourishment – November 15

Faith/spirituality/sacred – December 20

Uncertainty – January 17

Creativity/Sex – February 21

Death – March 21



Membership includes a private Facebook group with weekly discussion, daily interaction with other members, accountability and support for your liberation.

  • Sundays: We share our Sacred Successes. You get to brag. AS a spiritual practice. Because you are a beautiful child of godstuff. And we practice gratitude when we recognize that shit.
  • Mondays: We share What Matters Most. It’s like our to-do list of stuff that we want accountability and love around. You can check in to see if you’re being discerning with your valuable time and energy. Are you giving enough? Can you do more? We will mirror your highest motives
  • Wednesdays: Wednesdays: What are you eating? Here we share food, recipes, accountability requests, excitement, photos, all things related to the fullness of your literal plate. Let’s be fed damnit.
  • Fridays: are for Fuckits. This is where we say what we are NOT going to do, what we didn’t get done because it wasn’t really worth it after all. Or simply what we aren’t going to care about anymore. Let us enter the weekend proudly having no fucks left to give for the things that aren’t mission critical to what we care most about, ya?
  • Saturday: is for selfies. We want to see your face and show you ours. Of course it’s optional if you’re shy. You can also share what you are seeing, your feet, your pet, your kids…. just an opportunity to enjoy the visuals of each other’s lives in this world full of words.
  • Monthly: We discuss the topic of the month!

Your monthly subscription also includes:

  • Access to the mp3 archive of past calls
  • Exclusive discounts (for Embodiment practices & a 1:1 private session with Meg)
  • New desktop wallpapers each month
  • Support and accountability for cultivating good health and habits—not just eating well and exercising, but reducing stress and self judgment, while increasing self trust
  • A known community of like-minded people + the opportunity to expand
  • COMING SOON: Exclusive content! Weekly *Notes From the Underground* – private, behind the scenes missives, centered around the kind of self care that will get you into service. 


:::::::The FMD Liberation Front Manifesto:::::::

Stop shouldliking stuff. Love or GTFO.

Choose space over clutter, space houses infinite potential. This applies to body, home, and relationships.

Respect the awesome power of digestion.

Stay in your own orbit.

You are not broken, you are still here.

Learn to withstand uncertainty.

Your body is your true home, your environment of success, the vehicle you have to walk the planet, your tool to give and receive love, the transformer of input into original ideas. Keep it strong, clear, hydrated, and flexible.

When in doubt, breathe.

When you’re sure, breathe.



Practice rigorous honesty and radical generosity.

Redefine all the things.

Take for granted that there is always a solution.

Tell your life as a love story.

No one gets to be a messiah.

You are never alone.

Needs don’t make you needy.



Be still.



All-Access Membership

The cost is $20 per month with no commitment. Stay as long as you like, step away when it’s what’s best for you.

There are a limited number of spots available per month. Please email me if you’re interested and we will get you all set up.




Want to get in touch? You can email me directly:

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