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Why you need a health coach

You want to eat and feel better, and for the most part, you know how and what you should do. But for some reason you just can’t bring yourself to do it.

You think there must be something wrong with you because, for some reason, you’re not able to do all the things you think you should be doing to be perfect in every way.

It feels like everyone else has it all together and does all the healthy stuff, while being wildly successful in all the other areas. So again, something must be wrong with you.

You are a perfectionist.

You’re so busy with your career and/or your kids, you can’t seem to turn your brain off long enough to plan meals, and so you end up just eating whatever’s in front of you.

You have started your own business so you can finally be free, but instead, you’ve found that you are a raggedy, exhausted mess eating triangles of brie like a Big Mac.

You live in your head. The mere idea of “being in your body” makes you stabby.

You have food cravings that correspond to your frustrations and emotions and they go all Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction on you. That leftover pizza in the refrigerator will not be ignored.

You know you should exercise, but anything that takes you away from your creative project seems like a waste of time.

You know you should exercise but every time you plan to start working out 90 minutes a day 6 days a week you last exactly two days. Maybe a week, tops.

Taking care of yourself makes you feel like you’re being lazy and/or selfish.

When someone asks how you are, you answer, “Busy.” Or that’s what you’re thinking when you tell them how fantastic your life is. Meanwhile, you’re hoping you are doing the right thing with your face.

You’re so tired that you get mad at people for texting or calling you just to say hello, get caught up, or invite you to things. I mean, for real. Don’t they know how busy you are?

You’re literally (or metaphorically) so sick and tired of the cycle of trying, failing, and beating the shit out of yourself that you’re finally ready to ask for help.

You’re brilliant, hilarious, and cynical, and you’re worried that if you get too healthy, you won’t be funny anymore. You will be one of those people who post positivity memes on Facebook and talk about chakras to people at cocktail parties.

You’re worried you will have to give up cocktail parties. Or pie, or ice cream, or meat, or cheese, or… [fill in the blank with your thing that you cannot bear to give up].

You realize that the success of your business, your career, your kids, your family, and let’s just say it — the whole world– will be way more attainable if you could finally find a little peace with your health, your body, and your dinner plate.

You have a feeling that there’s a way to do everything you want to do in life with more ease and less effort. And you want that.

You’re brave enough to trust me, to trust yourself, to believe that there really is an easier, better way.

And you are ready.


MegWorden-242I’m Meg Worden. I’m a writer, a mother, a business owner, a former card-carrying food (and other things) addict (how many pints of ice cream was that?). I have struggled with loneliness, isolation, depression, and imprisonment (no, really—check out my About page). I learned through practice, experience, and much trial and error, how to survive and thrive, how to get a goddamned grip and take it easy on myself for once. And then I went to nutrition school.

I’ve learned that life is a story you write moment by moment. Each choice is a new opportunity to try on something else, something new. Sometimes you get it right. Sometimes you don’t. But no effort on this path is lost. Each time you try again, every single move you make towards your own liberation, you get closer. You are not stuck. You can develop new habits that make you happier, stronger, and brighter, while still maintaining your dark and splenetic (read, sick) sense of humor. I will show you how.

I will show you how you can start eating cleaner, feeding yourself easy, powerful nutrition, and become aware of the triggers that cause you to use food to deal with frustration. So you can stop it already.

You are not alone. And there is a way.

I hope knowing that makes you feel a little better already.

laura 1“Working with Meg is changing my body and my life. She has become the most important ally I have when it comes to self-care.  I am on my way to letting go of over 100 pounds of excess weight, though the results of our work together go beyond my body.When I started working with Meg I’d hit both a physical and emotional rock bottom. To say I was in despair over my health and weight is not an exaggeration. Meg’s loving but direct coaching began to make an impact right away. Meg understands that every client is unique and she immediately began communicating with me in a way could respond to. In the last six months the changes to my life have been profound. Her sound nutritional advice has been a large component, but it goes past that. Meg has helped me form a clear vision of what I want my body and life to feel like in the future. Meg holds my vision and guides me on my path to wellness, but allows me to make my own discoveries along the way. She is firm, but not preachy and while she holds me accountable she doesn’t criticize. Meg is approachable, knowledgeable and is a wonderful teacher. I encourage anyone who recognizes that they are need of support to contact her right away!” — Laura McCullough DeLorme

How health coaching with Feed Me Darling works

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means I look at how all areas of your life are connected.

Basically, this means that all the stuff you do plays out on your plate. So while food and body are important, they are also simply the point where we enter the conversation. Because baby, if you really want to do things differently, if you really want to be healthier, lose the weight, eliminate the unnecessary effort to make room for ease, then we are aren’t just talking about food, and we are definitely not counting calories, carbs, or forcing you to be on any kind of a dogma diet.

And you don’t have to stop eating anything you don’t want to.


  • Enjoy a more comfortable + allied relationship with your body

  • Eradicate cravings (sugar, salt, caffeine, chaos)

  • Stop self-sabotage

  • Increase energy, stamina, and hilarity

  • Improve skin, hair, and nails

  • Watch many common health concerns lessen or disappear completely

  • Notice improved digestion

  • Start making healthier choices with ease

  • Feel fully fed and satisfied after eating healthy meals

  • Learn about new foods

  • Start cooking more

  • Save money on medical bills and restaurants

  • Empower yourself with tools to sustain your habits for a lifetime

  • Overthrow the evil dictator in your head and get out from under your own tyranny

  • Inspire others

  • Learn how to be responsive rather than reactive

  • Take your health seriously while taking yourself lightly

  • Enjoy life just a little (or a lot) more

greenchairstudio-illana-burk-headshot-001-web“Meg is one of those amazing people that makes you feel completely heard and valued right from the start. She makes health feel accessible, simple, and, most importantly, possible. Her spirit and raw honesty put me at ease and made me feel supported at every turn. She’s not the type of health coach that makes you feel like you have to be perfect or you’re letting her down – rather, she helps you embrace your habits and helps you shift your mindset instead. The results were nothing short of transformational. To know Meg is to love Meg. Working with her is one of the very best and most valuable gifts I have ever given myself.”  — Illana Burk


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