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I am so proud to say I’ve built a successful health coaching practice telling the hardest stories of my life. And now, to say that it is expanding in amazing new ways.

See, in sharing my journey, I’ve tapped into the power of storytelling, the dialogue of human connection. Teaching you how to do the same has been an increasing focus and is now turning into my full-time business. I write, speak publicly and work privately and in groups with writers, politicians and entrepreneurs all over the world. In addition, through Defy Ventures in NYC I help teach ex-cons how to transform their hustle into straight businesses by telling their story in a way that engenders compassion and support, rather than judgment and fear.

Whether you are looking to build a better brand, write a better book, create art that taps the collective unconscious, or win the hearts of your audience, I will help you become a magnetic force in your field. Together, we will find your own hero’s journey, your story, the one that can empower your work through truth.

My book about the two years I spent in Federal Prison will be published November 2014.

As my business transitions, so will my website. In the meantime, please send me an email for further information on how we can work together: hello@megworden.com.

I truly hope you get everything you need in this life. Because you deserve all the love.

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Want to get in touch? You can email me directly: hello@megworden.com.

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